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HollywoodTrax has a great search engine, and search engines are one of the best ways to locate music. But sometimes you may be in a hurry and need some extra help. You can contact us any time and we’ll be glad to help you find what you need. We will send you a downloadable custom playlist. Email us at or call Chas at 805.583.3600.

Custom Composing

At HollywoodTrax we work with over one hundred and fifty great composers. The impressive collective resume of our staff covers every style of music in film and TV, and we have a perfect composer/team for every situation. And if you’re looking for a composer for your film, we can help you locate the right person for the project.

Music Replacement/Editing/Supervision

Are the songs or cues you selected for production too expensive? Do they require a broader license, or are
they not licensable? HollywoodTrax can replace songs or cues at a lower price while retaining the integrity of your project. With our music supervision services, we will provide music that keeps the same feel and emotion while still supporting the scene

Temp Tracks/Spotting

Do you need to spot your film or put together a quick temp track? We can help you no matter where you are in the world. Using Go To Meeting, we can spot the film together and create a temp track.

Business hours: Monday through Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm PST.

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Phone: 805.583.3600
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Sales Inquiries & Customer Relations:

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